The ePayItOnline portal was developed by Data Media Associates and is one of the most incredible medical bill payment systems that enhances the quality of the patient experience. It is a simple, fast, secure, and convenient online payment system with easy to use functions. The team behind the system made sure that everyone could pay their medical bills easily and without any sort of security issue.

If you are looking for a bill payment portal, especially for doctors, go with ePayItOnline. You can easily pay bills online and get rid of wasting your precious time by waiting in the queues.

ePayItOnline Login or Take Help

The ePayItOnline.com Login portal also makes sure that you avoid the late payment fine by providing you reminders again and again. It is easy to register at and sign in at the official portal.

ePayItOnline Registration Procedure

To pay your medical bills, just follow the steps that are explained below:

  •  You must first visit the website address ePayItOnline.com.
  •  Here you need to submit the identification code
  • Submit the code and tap the button that displays “Submit”.
  • If you are a new user later, you will be redirected to the page where you will be asked to submit the personal details like your name, telephone number, email address, etc.
  •  Then press the “Next” button.
  •  On the next page, the medical details must be submitted with the patient’s data so that the explanation can be analyzed.
  • Then go to the last step and submit your social security number here.
  • You will receive the identification code and access to your medical statement. You must submit the required details correctly during the registration process.

Paying Bills On ePayItOnline

Follow the instructions explained below carefully to pay your medical bills online through the ePayItOnline portal.

  • Before beginning the payment process, kindly make sure that your healthcare providers accept payments on the ePayItOnline portal or not.
  • Begin the payment process by visiting ePayItOnline.com.
  • You will now be redirected to the ePayItOnline login page. Here you must submit the access number and the ID of the code in the required fields to sign up on the ePayItOnline portal.
  • Review the details you entered and click the Submit button.
  • You will now be directed to the ePayItOnline.com Login control panel. Here you will find the payment option. Click on the same to make the payment.
  • Select the invoice to pay and then the payment option, that is, the payment method, e.g., Liquid bank, debit/credit card, master card, UPI, etc. Select the payment mode that suits you the most.
  • To confirm the payment, click the “Submit” button.
  • After a successful transaction, you will receive a confirmation message from the ePayItOnline team.

ePayItOnline Benefits

Some of the significant benefits of using this online portal to pay your medical bills are as follows:

  • It is a simple and clean payment portal that can be used by the person of any age group.
  • It is safe, created by DMA, that is a well-known company in the country.
  • One of the primary advantages is the simplification of the payment system. You don’t have to visit the pharmacy physically to pay your bills and waste time waiting in the queues.
  • You can also make a recurring payment on the official ePayItOnline portal.
  • You can also take a print out of the invoice payment receipt.
  • The payment on this portal hardly takes a few seconds. Thus, you can make extremely secure payments just within a few seconds on this portal.

Several healthcare providers use the official ePayItOnline.com Login portal. If you wish to use this service portal site, you should register yourself on the same.  We have explained the steps to register at and the steps to pay the bills online in a much simple language above.

Official NameePayItOnline
Portal TypeLogin
Launched ForPatients
Launched ByDMA

If you use the ePayItOnline portal, you can pay your bills online. You can also avoid those long queues just to clear your medical bills. If you haven’t paid your bills before the due date, you may have to pay the penalty. This portal also sends you a reminder for your payment.

The ePayItOnline portal was launched to facilitate the payment of your medical bills online using any system. Through this web portal, the patient can modify the account statement, verify the account, benefits, personal information, along with the insurance details. Through this portal created by Data Media Associates (DMA), the patients can clear the doctor’s bill through CodeID. If you have taken a medical test and want to pay your bill online, you must have an account registered with ePayItOnline.

ePayItOnline Customer Support

If you need payment support, kindly contact them at the official website www.epayitonline.com/payitonline/ContactUs.aspx. You must submit your mobile phone number, write a complaint or question, and click the “Submit” button. The portal customer service representative will call you to resolve the problem. They try to give the on the spot solution to the customer’s issues.

You can also send your issue in writing at Data Media Inc., PO Box 2305 Alpharetta, Georgia, 30023 USA.

ePayItOnline Refund and Exchange Policy

The ePayItOnline Refund Policy describes how we manage the refunds and exchanges to the services provided.

Refunds and exchanges

For refunds or exchanges, you will find ePayItOnline guidelines here.

Refunds: Refunds are available if payments exceed the rates of all service obligations.

Exchanges: ePayItOnline does not sell or ship products, so there are no exchanges available.


Kindly note that this refund policy may vary from time to time. The ePayItOnline will post each and every policy change on the official website. Each version of this policy is identified on the effective date at the top of the page.

Several healthcare providers use this portal page. If you wish to use this service portal site, you must register on this portal. This article contains details that have much more to do with this website and all its billing support.

If you use ePayItOnline, you can easily pay your bills online. The portal can be accessed at ePayItOnline.com. It is easy to register and pay the medical bills on the online portal.

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