Terms and Conditions

The ePayItOnline is one of the most popular and the most loved online payment portal that can be effectively used by the registered users to pay the medical bills that is launched by the Data Media Association (DMA).

It’s a quick and easy way to access and clear all your medical bills without going to the store. One of the primary benefits for patients is that they don’t have to waste their precious time by waiting in the long queues just to clear their bills. The ePayItOnline also gives an option of printing the invoices for the future reference. Thus, we can say that ePayItOnline has been working like a charm for the registered users.

ePayItOnline Terms And Conditions

Some of the terms and conditions that you need to keep in mind before accessing the ePayItOnline portal are as follows:

  • You will need a physical copy of your doctor’s account if you wish to access the official portal.
  • You will also need an identification code to access the account on this portal. This is a unique number assigned to your medical bills so that only you can access it.
  • You will also need an ePayItOnline Login access code or one that appears on your doctor’s account. This is a two-point confirmation system. This means that the two numbers must match the number on the doctor’s account for payment to be made online.
  • A stable online connection to pay your bill without any sort of interruption. Remember that this portal can be accessed in the online mode only.
  • Mobile phone, tablet, PC, or laptop with an internet connection is a must if you wish to use the portal.
  • It is necessary to register if you wish to pay bills on the ePayItOnline portal.

The ePayItOnline Login was specially introduced to simplify the process of paying medical bills. Imagine a system that doesn’t require an account to be created? The ePayItOnline is an extremely convenient option to clear the medical bills.